The System



To be able to adapt to challenges and changing tasks is the basis for efficiency and cost effectiveness . When conditions and circumstances change, it is essential to react in a flexible way. G-Rack modules grow with your tasks and are always exactly as you need them.


With G-Rack you are free to choose size and equipment of your bar, depending on your needs for the event. You can always respond quickly to customer demands and change the design of the modules at any time. You can use the same base modules to set up working desks, bar counters or rear buffets. You can start with just a few basic modules and then you can upgrade anytime. Regardless if you using G-Rack as stationary or mobile units.


Compared to wood or steel counters G-Rack modules are very lightweight. The base modules are foldable or stackable.You don`t need large vehicles or a big crew for transportation. You can set up your bar at places others won`t reach with heavyweight inflexible units and are all set before others even get started.


Your will be able to organize your mise en place efficiently, getting more done in less time and looking good doing it.G-Rack base modules are made of aluminium, lightweight and durable. You don`t need special trained personel or even tools for the assembly. G-Rack modules use very little space, are suited for outdoor use and are waterresistant. And if you use G-Rack as a stationary unit and want to change the location -you can always take them with you to your new place.


G-Rack modules are up to 70% lighter compared to wood or steel counters and require little space for storage and transportation. You don`t need large vehicles or a big crew for the set up of your bars. This saves you - compared to conventional counters - transport volume,transport weight and therefore fuel. And this is good for the environment.


There are 3 types of G-Rack base modules: G-Flexx, G-Flexx Mini and G-Raxx. Which module suits you best is depending of your capacities for storage and transportation. The module width with G-Rack is always 60 cm, all modules can be combined.

G-Raxx - module width 1 x 60 cm

G-Raxx base modules are cube shaped frame structures, rollable or with adjustable leveling feet. The frontframe is hooked on the base module, without frontframe it can be used as a desk module.

G-Flexx - module width 2 x 60 cm

G-Flexx modules are foldable, small and lightweight. The frontframe is integrated in the built up, the base module can be used as a 1.2 m bar.

G-Flexx Mini - width 1 x 60 cm

The G-Flexx Mini module is basically half a G-Flexx. With its width of 60 cm it can be used as a single unit or as an additional module to enlarge a bar or rear buffet.

work tops: 60, 120, 180 cm

A variety of work tops enables  you to set up your mise en place as you need it, without tools and in just a few steps. G-Rack worktops can be used on all base modules.

G-Rack provides the system - you set up your bar. As a cocktailstation, as a desklike solution or as a trade fair counter. With our extensive range of accessories you design your bar exactly like you need it for an optimal workflow.